Starting 2024 on a Green Note

First Social Initiative of the year aligned with our Social Program for 2024
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About VW Digital Solutions

This year, Volkswagen Digital Solutions decided to kick start the year with a special initiative, that is based on one of our main purposes – to be committed in making the difference and having a positive impact in what we do.

Aligned with our Social Program for 2024, we are thrilled to announce that, in the end of 2023, we purchased 554 trees — a tree per member of our incredible team, to be planted this year. These 554 trees not only represent our people, but our shared commitment to environmental responsibility and joint dedication in fostering a healthier planet.

This initiative came to live, in partnership with Plantarbor, a non-profit nature conservation association that was established in 2022. Their mission revolves around planting native trees in order to restore a balanced forest ecosystem within Portugal national territory, fueled by contributions gathered from individuals and businesses.

Plantarbor’s goal is to birth a genuinely biodiverse forest in various parts of Portugal and we are happy to contribute in the name of our team members! Until today, the non-profit organization has successfully planted over 1.790 trees in diverse locations such as Sintra, Buçaco, Serpa and São Pedro do Sul. And, throughout 2024, these 554 trees will add up.

We believe that this initiative is a significant stride towards a greener and more sustainable future and one more step towards our collective effort to make a difference. This initiative isn’t merely symbolic; it’s also a tangible step toward reducing our carbon footprint.

By planting these trees, we’re proud to announce that we will effectively reduce 332 tons of CO2 emissions.

We’re immensely grateful to each and every member of our team and, together, we’re sowing the seeds for a brighter and greener future — one tree at a time.

This is an opinion article and doesn't necessarily reflect the Volkswagen Group view.