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We are building great digital products in the world of logistics, transportation, and commercial vehicles by upgrading our business area to digital. Together with our MAN Truck & Bus colleagues, we develop & operate products for various business areas of MAN Truck & Bus SE.

To do so, we collaboratively design, code, and run user-centric solutions creating awesome value for our customers.

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Core Connectivity

Guarantee an encrypted communication between MAN vehicles and the Cloud backend, providing the stream-based communication channel needed for the vehicles data – ingoing and outgoing.


Vehicle Data Platform

As a data-driven company MAN provides all data regarding their vehicles in one place, becoming easy for our stakeholders to analyse, get insights and transform it into knowledge from behaviours and inputs received.


MAN Perform

A tool that provides fleet managers meaningful vehicle analyses and creates comparable driver evaluations for their fleet. In this way, they can identify inefficient driving styles and purposefully increase their driver’s performance.



MAN ServiceCare

MAN ServiceCare S provides fleet managers and MAN service workshops a continuous overview of their vehicle fleet’s maintenance status.



Our connected navigation service helps keeping our customer vehicles up-to-date and the drivers on the right path.



Upgrading customer fleet vehicles with state-of-the-art software: With MAN Now’s Over-the-Air features customers can update their MAN truck with new software functions in next to no time, anytime, and anywhere.



The service that guarantees our client that the software sent is safe, hacker-proof and complies with EU security standards.


MAN eManager

Available to help fleet managers plan their MAN Lion’s City E deployment as efficiently as possible. Using the application, they can easily control battery charging and air conditioning of your vehicle or your entire electric bus fleet – the application provides real-time data.


MAN Intelligence

MAN Intelligence generates transparency of the product description of the MAN New Truck Generation. This includes the possibility to configure and validate the rule sets of conditional and selection rules. The goal is to share information and helps to raise the data quality – allowing a faster and better experience for our customers in the sales process.



Implementation of a variety of modules (IT Service Management, Asset Management and Project, and Portfolio Management) enabling a better experience for employees, users, and customers, and transform the way work is done.



The Integration Platform as a Service is responsible to leverage the Integration and Communication between MAN Systems through an API-led approach.



A product that provides key capabilities in the field of production planning and control as well as intra-logistic and quality assurance. At a glance: order dispatching and scheduling, demand calculation, JIS / JIT pre-calculation, material tracking, control of commission areas, order tracking, and quality insurance.



The CI/CD and Cloud Enablers Platform guarantees enablement, empowerment, and best-practices for improving, through CI/CD practices, the development within MAN and the AWS cloud.

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