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We are building great digital products in the world of logistics, transportation, and commercial vehicles by upgrading our business area to digital. Together with our MAN Truck & Bus colleagues, we develop & operate products for various business areas of MAN Truck & Bus SE.

To do so, we collaboratively design, code, and run user-centric solutions creating awesome value for our customers.

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Vehicle Data Platform

As a data-driven company MAN provides all data regarding their vehicles in one place, becoming easy for our stakeholders to analyse, get insights and transform it into knowledge from behaviours and inputs received.


MAN Perform

A tool that provides fleet managers meaningful vehicle analyses and creates comparable driver evaluations for their fleet. In this way, they can identify inefficient driving styles and purposefully increase their driver’s performance.



MAN ServiceCare

MAN ServiceCare S provides fleet managers and MAN service workshops a continuous overview of their vehicle fleet’s maintenance status.



Upgrading customer fleet vehicles with state-of-the-art software: With MAN Now’s Over-the-Air features customers can update their MAN truck or van with new software functions in next to no time, anytime, and anywhere.



Cloud platform ensuring security and compliance on over-the-air software updates for our vehicles – on all lifecycle stages


MAN eManager

Available to help fleet managers plan their MAN Lion’s City E deployment as efficiently as possible. Using the application, they can easily control battery charging and air conditioning of your vehicle or your entire electric bus fleet – the application provides real-time data.


MAN Intelligence

MAN Intelligence generates transparency of the product description of the MAN New Truck Generation. The goal is to share information and helps to raise the data quality – allowing a faster and better experience for our customers.



Implementation of a variety of modules (IT Service Management, Asset Management and Project, and Portfolio Management) enabling a better experience for employees and users and transform the way work is done.



The Integration Platform as a Service is responsible to leverage the Integration and Communication between MAN Systems through an API-led approach.



The CI/CD and Cloud Enablers Platform guarantees enablement, empowerment, and best-practices for improving, through CI/CD practices, the development within MAN and the AWS cloud.



The goal of the team is to optimize the work of our Sales Representatives by giving them a platform to easily manage the sales processes -Salesforce –  an out-of-the-box, cloud-based CRM that is customizable, easy to integrate and maintain but also supports a low-code approach.



(MAN Secure Administration Environment) – Improvement projects in current on-prem and Azure AD cloud identity posture and visibility. The goal for this team is to be always on the edge for new configurations, improvements or/and solutions that we need to setup in production (cloud and on-prem) to continuously improve and secure our identity systems in line with the latest technological developments.


Ops Analytics

The MAN-internal IT Infrastructure (Servers, network, VMs) are logged and monitored by specific tools. This Team is in charge of the tools used for monitoring and logging currently NAGIOS, Splunk, Incinga) and expands and optimizes them continuously. The ideal goal is, to have an early detection of issues and gaining immediately as much as possible to easily identify potential root causes.


Road Security

Team that enables MAN teams with processes and guidelines to achieve a higher level of security and safety regarding vehicles


CC User Experience

The goal of the DesignOps team is to integrate and optimize design best practices into the larger scope of MAN’s business strategy and processes. By aligning the needs of our teams, we work to attain cross-functional consistency, quality and efficiency through MAN’s digital products.


SAP Basis

MAN has over 70 different SAP platforms in use, as SAP is used in almost each and every business process. The SAP Basis Team is working together with colleagues in Munich on optimizing the current architecture and defining the futures hybrid infrastructure (cloud and on-prem). By doing so, major upgrades and migrations are scheduled and consulting on projects is provided.


SAP S&T (Sales & Transport)

Vehicle Management & Transportation Order System products enable and support the MAN Truck&Bus through SAP ERP solutions.
The main goal is to deliver business value by streamlined order to cash process, improving/developing new functionalities considering the high standards of quality and innovation, with the clear focus on simplifying our customers business.


SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori offers a powerful, straightforward and user-friendly solution for our business to run SAP applications. By emphasizing on a smart, reliable and integrated user experience (UX), SAP Fiori enables us to develop innovative and task-focused apps that can be used on any devices and completely reimagine how we engage and contribute in our digitalization strategy at MAN.



At MAN CSMRP (Customer Sales Relationship Process) we automatised the management, communication & warranty claim processing between the workshops, the dealer systems and the MAN Head Office using our EOI model (ESA OPEN INTERFACE)  based on the SAP WTY module and our MAN customised interfaces.
Warranty is an important module of the ESA system within the importer organisation.

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