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At SDC we tackle business challenges with a user-centered approach and cutting-edge technologies. But do you know what makes us stronger? Our balanced teams, made of UX/UI Designers, Product Managers, and Developers doing Pair Programming. Through this approach we combine the best of each talent, building a better product every day

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Well-balanced teams,

building products for users

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We keep moving forward, creating new solutions and services.


Indoor Viewer Portal

Facilitating the collaboration between factory managers and planners for better decision making, with always up-to-date 3D building scans.



An event streaming service that is transforming the way applications interact with data from production and distribution chains.



Bringing software innovation into the car sales application landscape, helping the salesperson to manage the sales process from the car configuration to the delivery.


Car Tracker

An easy-to-use platform that enables to be updated and easily track car-orders.


Pre-Delivery Enrolment

Enabling dealers to provide to their customers the best onboarding experience into the Volkswagen ecosystem of digital services and products

The skills  we master

We are tech fluent and never-ending learners.

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After sales
After sales
Internal tools for Volkswagen Group
Internal tools for Volkswagen Group

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Every journey has a beginning.

Let’s do it now.

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Located in Lisbon we provide support for all over the world.
Rua do Sol ao Rato, 11
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