About Us:

A road like no other

We don’t follow the same old routes with the familiar views.
It could be nice, but do you know what? The innovation road is even better.

Miles and milesof innovation

A new automotive era

About us

Being the world leader in the automotive industry doesn’t make us stop. Not even slow down. We are a team of restless and curious creatures who are boosting Volkswagen Group’s Digital journey around the world.

To do so, we keep innovating by exploring new paths that lead us to striking learnings and quirky ideas.

Inspire and transform the future

Our vision

We believe that the only way to evolve is to wander. To pursue new ideas and follow new roads.

Our vision is to inspire and transform the future of IT in the Volkswagen Group, by questioning and re-questioning the things we know to be true today.

Setting the pace for the tech-revolution

What we do

We are crafting a top-notch software for the end-user and to application support and also original products for commercial vehicles.

A pathway that enables us to step up the Volkswagen Group’s platforms beyond limits. The opportunities are endless.

Team members
All together to achieve the company's mission.
We are a diverse team with people from all over the world.
Products & projects
Between our 3 Tech Units, we have a very diverse portfolio.

Our  Values

This is our Fuel

These values are shared by the Volkswagen Group and part of the Together4Integrity strategy

 I - Responsibility

I – Responsibility

We take on resposibility for the environment and the society.

II - Honesty

II – Honesty

We are honest and speak up when something is wrong.

III - Bravery

III – Bravery

We break new ground.

IV - Diversity

IV – Diversity

We live diversity.

V - Pride

V – Pride

We are proud of the work we do.

VI - Solidarity

VI – Solidarity

We not me.

VII - Reliability

VII – Reliability

We keep our word.

We are leading the way of untraveled roads
and being marveled by the future

Our three  Tech Units

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