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Fábio Santo
Core Operations + Development

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Our Recruitment Process
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Our Recruitment Process may slightly differ according to each role.


CV Screening

Our HR team reviews all the applications. Within a few days will give you feedback.


HR Interview

If your CV matches our requirements, our HR invites you for an interview, together with a colleague from the respective team we are recruiting for. This is the moment to get to know you better and give you the freedom to ask everything you’d like.



After getting to know you and present our company, it’s time for a challenge. Depending on the Tech Unit you’re applying for, the challenge adapts. It can be technical, logical, or a personality test.


Last Interview

If you pass the challenge, we will have one last talk. It can be about the exercise you just did or some questions we and you might have.



All ok from your side and ours :) It’s time for a proposal.

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