VWDS Experience through a Junior’s perspective

The testimonial of a person that joined VWDS through the Junior Program of 2023
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About VW Digital Solutions

I am Filipa Neto, a software developer who embarked on an enriching journey at VWDS through last year’s Junior Program, joining one of the three amazing tech units, the Software Development Center (SDC). My academic roots trace back to Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologias (FCT) at NOVA University, where I studied Computer Science Engineering.

Allow me to share the highlights of my remarkable experience with this exceptional company.

When I got the news that I was joining VWDS, I was thrilled. It was going to be my first professional experience, and VWDS seemed like a very cool and welcoming place based on what I saw on social media and during my visits to their offices.
The reality, however, surpassed all my expectations. From day one at this company, I felt embraced. The company’s culture is inclusive and supportive, with a strong focus on their employees’ well-being.

During our first week of the Junior Program onboarding, we were introduced to the three existing tech units, where each unit’s ways of working were presented. This introductory week allowed us to get to know each one of the offices’ workspaces and dynamics, and all their lovely people.

Over the following month, the juniors embarked on a training program under the tutorship of SDC’s distinguished developer, Jeffrey Russell, and a multitude of other talented professionals, including experienced developers, product designers, and project managers. Through comprehensive workshops and presentations, we absorbed invaluable insights into various facets of product conceptualization, development, and delivery at the company.

Following our initial training at VWDS, each junior was allocated to a project and assigned a mentor to guide us through our initial endeavors.
In this company, there’s a strong emphasis on personal and professional growth, fostering a culture where individual and team goals are meticulously defined to maintain inspiration and commitment. With that, we are motivated from the beginning to build both individual and team goals to stay inspired and dedicated, always striving to improve ourselves.

One of the best parts of this experience is being surrounded by interesting and knowledgeable colleagues. The collaborative atmosphere fosters a culture of mutual support and learning, where team members are always available to help each other in overcoming challenges and exploring new roads. This teamwork fosters creativity and ensures that we’re always learning and growing together.

In summary, my journey at VWDS has been nothing short of transformative. From the warm welcome on day one to the continuous support and collaboration with talented colleagues, I’ve found a place where growth is not just encouraged but ingrained in the company culture. VWDS is more than a workplace; it’s a community that fosters innovation, learning, and personal development. I look forward to exploring new roads and contributing further to this dynamic environment.

This is an opinion article and doesn't necessarily reflect the Volkswagen Group view.