Mini VW electric cars cheer children from a Portuguese Hospital in Vila Franca de Xira

Volkswagen Digital Solutions joined Vila Franca de Xira Hospital in an initiative dedicated to children within the scope of the Portuguese Children’s Day.
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Within the scope of the Portuguese Children’s Day, celebrated on the 1st of June, Volkswagen Digital Solutions joined Vila Franca de Xira Hospital in an initiative dedicated to children passing through the hospital – whether on a longer stay or just for a routine visit. 

Volkswagen Digital Solutions in a solidarity initiative

VWDS offered three remote-controlled VW electric cars so that children can experience a more human passage at the Hospital, in a moment that is never pleasant. This offer arises from the “Shining Paths” project, developed by the Paediatrics Service of the Vila Franca de Xira Hospital.

From our side, Teresa Relvas, HR Director, Mark Jacobi, Operations Director and Rui Martins, Head of Marketing & Communication went to the hospital to deliver them and the result was gratifying: Caminhos Brilhantes Project – Video*.
Tiago, Beatriz and Caio, were the first children to debut the new cars of the Paediatrics Service and were very surprised, but looked very happy!

We are very pleased to be part of this project and to make the Hospital fulfil an old dream to increase the humanization of the care provided during the journey by transporting children in electric cars through the creation of an interactive road in the corridors of the Hospital. 

“(…) By wanting to make a difference, we can also give our contribution so that professionals, parents and children can, even at a difficult time, feel some affection.” 

– Teresa Relvas, HR Director

The “Caminhos Brilhantes” project has the specific goals of reducing anxiety and fear and providing positive memories about the hospital period, promoting children’s comfort and sense of safety.


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