Easier VW Connect activation with “Pre-Delivery Enrollment”

The “Pre-Delivery Enrollment” team of VCX and VWDS
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About VW Digital Solutions

Pre-Delivery Enrollment (PDE) is live in 39 markets for VW passenger cars and VW commercial vehicles and supports Volkswagen partners in onboarding customers in Volkswagen’s digital ecosystem (creation of a Volkswagen ID and VW Connect activation).

After an extensive test phase in six pilot markets, starting in Slovenia last December, Pre-Delivery Enrollment has been offering the “Pre-Nomination of Primary User” in all markets since March. With the “Pre-Nomination of Primary User “, customers can activate the VW Connect services much more easily. The prerequisite is that, for example, the seller has stored the verified identity of his customer in the PDE system and has marked him as the future main user. PDE is developed entirely in-house by Volkswagen Digital Solutions in Lisbon as the development and support service provider.

Significant time savings for customers and Volkswagen partners:
For vehicles with VW Connect version MOD3, only one login in the infotainment system (with e-mail address + password, or for UNECE vehicles a login via QR code scan with the Volkswagen app) is required – the main user confirmation with the help of the two vehicle keys (“two-key ownership verification”), which is criticized by many users, is skipped. It is only necessary for self-enrollment, without dealer support via PDE.

If it is a MOD4 vehicle (ID models), the login using the QR code remains. PDE also enables the seamless use of all security-relevant functions (remote lock unlock, mobile key – depending on the equipment) at the moment of delivery, without customers having to go through a separate identity check.

Furthermore, PDE offers Volkswagen partners the opportunity to register their company/dealership as the preferred service partner at the customer’s request; automatic service scheduling is then enabled by default. More than 90% of customers opt for service scheduling activated this way.

PDE with a 100% digital workflow tool makes an essential contribution to a simpler, more stable and faster VW Connect enrollment, promoting customer loyalty and supporting the important service business!

This is an opinion article and doesn't necessarily reflect the Volkswagen Group view.